Updates for March 18th

She’ll lead you astray~


KC released a new MGE girl: Will-o-the-Wisp
See above. She more than likely follows the standard Will-o-Wisp convention by luring travelers from the safe path, then sexing them.


Dargoth released an Initial TL patch for MGQ:P


Alpanon added The Sea Slime of the White Lagoon
Gelatin updated MGC Maid Central Maid Profiles (Dragon Wight & Jinko)
Murchez added Kejourou Barber
Penywise added Will ‘O the Wisp


Neryumo helped me come up with a new icon for the site. Hope you like it!

Updates for March 11th


Jitsu Wa… Chapter 72 is out


MGQ: Paradox comes out later this week (Saturday)
Dargoth is ready to go on the TL end too.


Gelatin updated MGC Maid Central Butler Requests (Apophis)
Liberty_Prime updated Cold November Night With Kate
Penywise updated Greyguard (Line 2182)

I’m going to be cutting back on mentioning pastes that are updated everyday. They’ll still be mentioned at the end of the week.