Weekly Review (Sept 4th – Sept 10th)


Jitsu Wa… Chapter 185 is out
The newest MGE girl is the Tritonia


Frosticle added A Maid’s Work Never Ends (Kikimora)
Guze added Electric Feel (Raiju)
Losenis added Hunting Hunters
PeterDNZL updated A Pirate’s Life (Line 608)
Spartan-047 added Bow Down
SurgeRising added Cuddlebus


I’ve decided to change the tagging requirement somewhat. Any story that does contain tags will have their author bolded as per usual.  Non-tagged stories and authors will be in italics. I’ll be ignoring any emails/posts/etc about non-tagged content, so read those at your own risk. I would also like to thank those of you out there that did start tagging your stuff. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to continue doing so in the future.

Weekly Review (Aug 14th – Aug 20th)


Jitsu wa… Chapter 183 is out
MonMusume Chapter 54 is out


KlausShultz added Lamb and Martyr
Losenis added All’s Fair In Love And War Ch.19 &  Ch.20 [Epilogue]
SPARTAN-047 added Big Sucker


Starting next week, I’ll only be featuring bits of writing that contain proper tags somewhere near the beginning of the paste. At the bare minimum they should indicate the type of Monster Girl involved and whether or not there’s smut. Please make note of this if you wish to continue to have your stories featured here.