Weekly Review (Feb 12th – Feb 18th)


Killing Bites Episode 5 is out
MonMusume Chapter 57 is out


Frosticle added By Candlelight (Succubus)


Starting next week, I will no longer be parsing through 4chan threads. If you only posted there then you might want to consider emailing me your updates. They will be missed otherwise.

Weekly Review (Jan 1st – Jan 7th)


Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 39 is out


Abaggijawah added Short Distance Confusion: Chapter 4
ELH wrote Christmas Cake Echidna
Penywise added White Solstice
PeterDNZL updated A Pirate’s Life (Line 698)


If you haven’t already heard, Batoto will be closing on the 18th. As it was my main way to track and link manga releases, it’s very likely I will miss future updates to series like MonMusume and M!SG. I apologize in advance.