Updates for August 4th

Bunch of content today!

Centaur Worries Chapter 65 is out
Jitsu Wa… Episode 5 aired
MonMusume Episode 5 aired
The official Twitter’s also been teasing some merchandise.
T-Rex na Kanojo Chapter 11 is out

OtherSideOfSky updated the Fallen Brides: Mimiru translation
Neryumo drew a Hellhound (Seen above, NSFW version here)
The MGQ Imp Doujin got translated

AlpAnon added Endurance
Bipolaried added Ones, Zeroes, and Heart Pupils
Murchez added Akaname Janitor
Penywise added Thief

Updates for March 18th

She’ll lead you astray~


KC released a new MGE girl: Will-o-the-Wisp
See above. She more than likely follows the standard Will-o-Wisp convention by luring travelers from the safe path, then sexing them.


Dargoth released an Initial TL patch for MGQ:P


Alpanon added The Sea Slime of the White Lagoon
Gelatin updated MGC Maid Central Maid Profiles (Dragon Wight & Jinko)
Murchez added Kejourou Barber
Penywise added Will ‘O the Wisp


Neryumo helped me come up with a new icon for the site. Hope you like it!