Weekly Review (Sept 4th – Sept 10th)


Jitsu Wa… Chapter 185 is out
The newest MGE girl is the Tritonia


Frosticle added A Maid’s Work Never Ends (Kikimora)
Guze added Electric Feel (Raiju)
Losenis added Hunting Hunters
PeterDNZL updated A Pirate’s Life (Line 608)
Spartan-047 added Bow Down
SurgeRising added Cuddlebus


I’ve decided to change the tagging requirement somewhat. Any story that does contain tags will have their author bolded as per usual.  Non-tagged stories and authors will be in italics. I’ll be ignoring any emails/posts/etc about non-tagged content, so read those at your own risk. I would also like to thank those of you out there that did start tagging your stuff. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to continue doing so in the future.