Weekly Review (Feb 27th – Mar 5th)


Jitsu wa… Chapter 160 is out
The newest MGE girls are the Automaton and the Gremlin
Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 22 is out
OtherSideofSky finished the Fallen Brides: Merce translation


AlpAnon added Dueling on thin ice & Ring Rat
Bamp updated The Dragon Cultist & A Wock’s Day At The Mall
ELH updated Love Bites (Line 352)
Frosticle updated Mail Order Jinko (Line 415)
HellsKitchenSink added Amok Chapters 21 & 22
Murloc added ItF: Chapter 2
NonAnonymous added An Odd Couple Chp 6 (End)
Penywise updated Tsukumogami (Line 997)
Silent_II added Sweet Charity