Weekly Review (Oct 31st – Nov 6th)


Jitsu wa… Chapter 147 is out
The newest MGE girl is the Ice Queen
OtherSideOfSky updated the translation of Fallen Brides: Koyoi
T-Rex na Kanojo English Volume 1 is out in stores


AlpAnon updated Dimensionality – Basics (Line 134)
Hellskitchensink added Delectable Corpse Chapter 9 & 10
Iron-Beast added (Selene) fight in the old town.
Klausshultz added 1001 Centaurian Nights.
Lionmanguy added Anon and the magical realm
Losenis added All’s Fair In Love And War – Ch.4 & Cold to the touch
NonAnonymous added An Odd Couple Chp 3
Silent_II added I’ve Seen Footage & Don’t Fight It, Feel It (SWE)