Weekly Review (Feb 15th – Feb 21st)


12Beast English Volume 3 is out in bookstores
Jitsu Wa… Chapter 113 is out
MonMusume Chapter 40 is out. English Volume 8 is out in bookstores
T-Rex na Kanojo Chapter 23 is out


Grub added Lightning Kissed
Harblador updated Crybaby Dragon (Line 550)
Iron-Beast added MG Roulette
KitSoviet added Small Town Blues Ch. 5
KlausShultz added Celebrations in the Night
MoistAdventure added Reader x AlpSphinx Marriage, & more
Murloc added Inside the Fire
Penywise updated Dracolich (Line 150) and Hunter
Punaldin added The Cure-All
Quicksilver added Jubjub Homestay
Silent_II added Hypnotize