MGE Licensed by Seven Seas

In a strange and unexpected turn of events, Seven Seas has licensed the Monstergirl Encyclopedia in English. While it’s exciting news there are some points of concern going forward. More on that after the break.

Update: Seven Seas says that they will not be taking down fan sites and that this release is purely a collectible for your shelf. The MGE Wiki, MGR, and other sites should be okay.

Update #2: Further clarification from Seven Seas on their and via /jp/

Back when the MonMusume anime was announced, the MG community was rather small. It’s grown quite a bit since then and with it has come the expected growing pains. Unlike EMG, though, MGE is an entirely different beast. It’s far more sexual in nature, and parts of it are bound to upset the average reader. You need only look as far as the /jp/ threads to see examples of such.

Understandably, some are worried what this hardcopy release will have on the fanbase. Will it see the same sort of attrition that the EMG community on /a/ has suffered? Will MGE become the target of crybullies or shitposters in general? Will the translation be “pure” or will memes/localization creep in?

Only time will tell. If you ask me, I’d remain cautiously optimistic.