Weekly Review (Nov 2nd – Nov 8th)

The history of Monstergirl threads on 4chan is a long and colorful one. It also tends to repeat itself. This is known.
In actual news – I’m 99.9% sure I’ll miss an update here and there due to Fallout 4 next week. Don’t be upset if it happens to be yours. Instead, email me so I can add it!


Jitsu Wa… Chapter 99 is out
MGQ: Paradox Patch 1.21b is out
A certain Orc x Elf doujin updated. Translation here


AlpAnon updated Haunted by Meecefortune (Line 278) & Night Terrors (Line 586)
Anonymoose updated Chapter 92
Gauf added A Smile in the Rain
Quicksilver updated Such is Life for a Shrine Handyman
Silent_II added Nightclub Amnesia
SorairoDreams added No Harm: Introduction
ThatBollocksWriter added Nina Polyphema
Anon added Dragoon Tales