Weekly Review (Oct 26th – Nov 1st)

As you may have noticed I’m trying out a new layout. Whether or not it stays is up to you all. Make sure to vote in the poll below!


Jitsu wa… Chapter 98 is out
T-Rex na Kanojo Chapter 18 is out


Dan drew a Vampire
Loen drew Miia (Seen above)
Mari did a Halloween piece
OtherSideOfSky added Fallen Brides: Sasha
The Commission List was updated


Alpanon added Haunted by Meecefortune
Flit-B updated Jiangshi Horror
Harblador added She is lewd and athirst and updated Tales of TARABUL (Line 290)
Losenis added Dead on Arrival
PRW added Childhood Friend and updated Daki Demon
Quicksilver updated Such is Life for a Shrine Handyman
Silent_II added O Death & Release the Beast
Sleepy-Kun added Proof of aptitude?


Which layout do you prefer?