Weekly Review (Oct 19th – Oct 25th)

Art by Sud

I may have to revisit how I link manga releases in the future. Batoto’s changed how their reader works, meaning you have to have an account to view certain chapters. Don’t be surprised if another reader site pops up.


Bird Café Chapters 8 & 9 are out
Dr. Hitomi’s Infirmary Chapter 25 is out, as is English Volume 3
Jitsu wa… Chapter 97 is out
MonMusume is on a month hiatus
T-Rex na Kanojo Chapter 17 is out
A Slime girl Doujin was translated


Butter-T drew a Jabberwock
Sud drew Ilassa (seen above)


CaptainCanukimerican added Bring the Heat
ELH updated Ilothe (Line 1323)
Flit-B added Inheritance Celebration
Gelatin updated Maid Profiles Round Two (Ryu)
Harblador updated The Lewd out of Space (Line 108)
Iron-Beast added Dungeon Time
Penywise updated Rusalka, Greyguard, & Orphan
Quicksilver updated Such is Life for a Shrine Handyman
RSAnon added Fly High or Not At All
ThunderBrother added Falling Leaves Ch 7.5


Should I keep linking shorter greentexts?