Weekly Review (Sept 14th – Sept 20th)

A New MGE girl, second to last anime episodes, and more this week!


Jitsu Wa… Episode 11 aired and Chapters 91 and 92 are out
MonMusume Episode 11 aired and Chapter 37 Korean raws were dumped


The newest MGE girl is the Jubjub
Several MG artists re-opened commissions


AlpAnon added Battle Beetle Atlassa
AnonMD added The Son of New Jericho Ch 2
Eins added The Flower With No Name
ELH added Ilothe
Gelatin updated MGC Maid Profiles (Kejourou)
Harblador added The Lewd out of Space
Penywise updated Orphan (Line 185)
Quicksilver updated Slutty-Butt Kejourou
RSAnon added Liess [Side-chapter INtFTKY]
Silent_II added Parallel Stripes & Climbing Up the Walls
Xenotine added Elf Prince and Orc Chieftain
Anonymous added An Incubus is Raised from Bondage greentext