Weekly Review (Aug 24th – Aug 30th)

Art by Monorus

Due to literally only one person ever clicking on them, I’m no longer going to be actively tracking the following manga/anime: Jitsu Wa…, Bird Cafe, Centaur Worries. They will continue to appear in Weekly Reviews if noticed.
In other news, the wordpress here will start appearing under its own domain (monstergirlcollection.com) in the next few days. You should be redirected automatically so don’t worry about having to update your bookmarks/etc.


Jitsu Wa… Episode 8 aired.
MonMusume Episode 8 aired and Chapter 36 is out


The newest MGE girl is the Demon
Monorus did another Mucus Toad &  Rose the Salamander
OneEyedNeko drew Ilassa the Lilim


AnonMD added Tomb Raiding
GMTTU added Tiny Heroes Doing Tiny Things
GWS added Knights of the Demon Chapter 4: Ring
Losenis added Do lawyers come from hell? (Demon MG)
Murloc added Kikimora
PantyQuest updated Panty Raid Guide (Demon)
Penywise updated Ghoul (Line 2882)
Quicksilver added Slutty-Butt Kejourou & updated  Hellhounds in the Summer
ThatBollocksWriter added Lonely Ryuu
ThunderBrother updated Falling Leaves Ch 5