Weekly Review (Aug 17th – Aug 23rd)


Jitsu Wa… Episode 7 aired and Chapter 88 is out
MonMusume Episode 7 aired and Chapter 36 raws are out
KC’s pages from the C88 Doujin were scanned (sorta) as well.


The newest MGE girl is the Mucus Toad
Monorus already drew some lewds of her to boot.
Another SSS Doujin got scanned in (Not the Liliraune one)


AlpAnon added One Clammy Summer Day
AverageAnon updated The Dark Lord Wants to Rule the World!
Gelatin updated MGC Maid Profiles Round Two (Tanuki)
GWS added Great Winged Sentai Chapter 1Chapter 2, & Chapter 3
Nyanon updated Blind Anon gets a Guide Puppy
ThunderBrother added Falling Leaves Ch 5