Weekly Review (Aug 10th – Aug 16th)

Art by Loen

It’s been a super slow week overall. Yay for the dregs of summer.


Jitsu Wa… Episode 6 aired.
MonMusume Episode 6 aired.
The webshorts link was added to the main link page. There’s also NSFW teasers for the BDs and a few C88 Doujins out there floating around. Finally, English Volume 7 is out at your favorite bookstore/retailer.


The newest MGE girl is the Soldier Beetle


Alpanon updated Night Terrors (Line 499)
Anonymoose added Chapter 90
Quicksilver updated Hellhounds in the Summer
Silberschreitener added Across a Land Twice Over, Tale of the Silver Striders PI
Weavewine updated Static Gazer