Weekly Review (Aug 3rd – Aug 9th)

Flying Ushi Onis, what could go wrong?


Centaur Worries Chapter 65 is out
Jitsu Wa… Episode 5 aired and Chapter 87 is out
MonMusume Episode 5 aired
The official Twitter’s also been teasing some merchandise.
T-Rex na Kanojo Chapters 11 and 12 are out


The newest MGE girl is the Kobold
OtherSideOfSky updated the Fallen Brides: Mimiru translation
Monorus drew a Pharaoh
Neryumo drew a Hellhound (NSFW version here)
The MGQ Imp Doujin got translated


AlpAnon added Endurance
Anonymoose added Chapter 89
AverageAnon updated Shadows of Mordor (Line 1555)
Bipolaried added Ones, Zeroes, and Heart Pupils
GWS added How to Work on your Cardio
Murchez added Akaname Janitor
Nyanon added A.C.M.E. Episode 1
Penywise added Thief
Quicksilver updated Hellhounds in the Summer
Weavewine added Static Gazer