Weekly Review (July 27th – Aug 2nd)

Mono-tan by Maritan


Jitsu Wa… Episode 4 aired.
MonMusume Episode 4 aired. Character Song Teasers have started showing up as well. Here’s the web shorts playlist link if you missed the new Suu ones.


The newest MGE girl is the Shoggoth
MGQ:P English patch v1.21a is out
SSS is putting out an Liliraune Doujin at C88


Aftyn added For Haohi pt1
AlpAnon updated Waters of Prosperity Ch 2 (Line 70)
AnonLich added Get trashed, Get Oni
Gelatin updated Maid Profiles Round Two (Oomukade)
Harblador added Dagé
Hmonck updated Mantis
Idontbelonghere added Mindflayer Abduction
Lanternon added Day 26 and Day 27: A Paladin is Wrathful
LLUUU updated Currently Untitled (Line 65)
Penywise updated Ghoul (Line 2714)
Quicksilver updated Hellhounds in the Summer
ThunderBrother added Falling Leaves Ch 4
YBA added Graystorm