Weekly Review (July 20th – July 26th)

Mecha Ushi Oni by Doom

Pretty standard week once you get past the Moth-chan Chibi and the Mecha Ushi. I’ll be fairly busy next week so don’t be surprised or offended if I miss an update or two.


Centaur’s Worries Chapter 64 is out
Jitsu Wa… Chapter 86 is out. Also the third episode of the anime aired.
MonMusume Chapter 35 is out. Also the third episode of the anime aired.
Also if you’re looking for the web shorts, look no further.
Yan Moth Pt 2 was translated. No I won’t help you fix Sad Panda.


AlpAnon added Vertex Ch 12
Bipolarized added Blood Contract
Dramanon updated Maiden in your Pocket
Emcol added Alp Adventures – Chapter 14
Gelatin updated Maid Profiles Round Two (Salamander)
Harblador updated Haunted House (Line 76) &  Lich gets pregnant (Line 215)
Nyanon added Jungle Greentext &  Alp Oneshot Greentext
Penywise updated Ghoul (Line 2594)
Poorlittlehumanboy added Riding the Valkyrie
Quicksilver updated Hellhounds in the Summer
Seafoam added Terror of the Deep Blue V