Weekly Review (July 13th – July 19th)

Pharaoh Chibi by Monorus

Monorus draws cute chibis, MonMusume’s anime continues to delight, and more this week. I probably missed a few writing updates due to standard thread shenanigans so just yell at me via the usual channels.


Centaur’s Worries Chapter 63 is out
Jitsu Wa… Chapter 85 is out. Also Episode 2 of the anime aired.
MonMusume Chapter 35 raws are out. Also Episode 2 of the anime aired.


AlpAnon updated Pink Cocks (Line 63) & Rhea and Willis 3 (Line 14)
AnonMD added The Son of New Jericho – Chapter 1
Anxiety_Incarnate updated Semi-Incubised Veteran
AverageAnon updated Shadow of Mordor (P’Orc edition) (Line 1089)
Dramanon added Maiden in your Pocket
Emcol updated Alp Adventures Ch 13
Harblador added Office Abomination
Gelatin updated Maid Profiles Round Two (Lich)
Penywise updated Onryo (Line 63)
Quicksilver finished Kikis and added Hellhounds in the Summer
Anonymous added Happy Hour