Weekly Review (July 6th – July 12th)

Akantor by Teru

Pretty muted week once you get past the anime releases.


Jitsu Wa… Episode 01 aired.
MonMusume Episode 01 aired.
MonMusume is also getting an online game this year

Doujin & MGQ

Shiragasane -Tamoto- (Aka Yandere Moth) is out
MGQ Paradox Patch 1.20 came out. Oh and Dargoth is still alive.


Aftyn added Counting Sheep
AlpAnon updated Night Terrors (Line 453)
Gelatin updated Maid Profiles Round Two (Vampire & Harpy)
Harblador added The Girl from the Meat Dimension and updated Loli-Oni (Line 907)
Penywise updated Ghoul (Line 2411)
Quicksilver updated Kikis
ThunderBrother added Falling Leaves Ch 3
Trachyon added Complete Slimegirl Saturation