Weekly Review (June 29th – July 5th)

Chibi Akantor by Monorus

A new T-Rex chapter along with some art and writing updates covers this week. Next week should be very busy due to both MonMusume and Jitsu Wa airing their first episodes.


Jitsu wa… Chapter 84 is out
T-Rex na Kanojo Chapter 10 is out


Danzilla drew an Ushi Oni
Monorus drew a Mindflayer
Wendigo was translated


Anonymoose added Chapter 88
Bromont updated Dragon /ss/
Gelatin updated Maid Profiles Round Two (Kitsune)
Harblador added Smile! Miss Maid & Reunion
Lanternon added Day 16
Penywise updated Tsukumogami (Line 123)
Quicksilver added Three Days of Ryu and updated Kikis
Ravagestar updated Punishment Time
RSAnon added It’s Not the Fall Ch 8
SteamyChowder updated Glen – Nightly Regailing
Weavewine added Headpats Man