Weekly Review (June 22nd – June 28th)


Centaur Worries Chapter 62 is out
Dr. Hitomi English Volume 2 is out. Pick it up at your favorite retailer.
Jitsu Wa… Chapter 83 is out
MonMusume anime news came out regarding other VAs and web shorts.
T-Rex na Kanojo Chapter 15 raws are out


The newest MGE girl is the Wendigo
Anonymous (Lawyer-chan?) added an album of various MGE art


Abaggijawah added Sand, Surf, and Silence: Chapter 2
AlpAnon updated Vertex – Chapter XI (Line 80)
Anonywilly added Lost at Sea
Anxiety_Incarnate added Kitsune Royal Politics: Paladin Gets Screwed Over
Bipolarized added Oppai Loli Daycare
Gelatin updated Maid Profiles Round Two (Lizardman)
Harblador added The Sensual Suspect
LLLUU updated Currently Untitled (Line 38)
MindTheGap added Monstrous Endeavor Ch. 1: Attention
Murchez added The Hairy Ghost
Murloc added Yeti Cuddle Therapy
Nyanon added A Game of Cat and Mouse
Penywise added Hunter
Quicksilver added Kikis
Ravagestar added Punishment Time