Weekly Review (June 8th – June 14th)


Roll for SAN loss

New MGE girl and a PV for Jitsu Wa this week along with the usual suspects


Jitsu Wa’s PV is out


Bird Café Chapter 5 is out
Jitsu Wa… Chapters 81 and 82 are out


The newest MGE girl is the Mindflayer (seen above)


AlpAnon added Vertex Ch 11 and updated Night Terrors (Line 380)
Anonywilly added Dark Goddess
AverageAnon added Master’s Back! and updated Shadow of Mordor
Dramanon added Bonding Time
Gelatin updated MGC Maid Central Butler Requests (Leanan Sidhe) & Maid Profiles Round Two
Lanternon added Day 13
Murchez updated Tumbling
Penywise added Tsukumogami and updated Ghoul (Line 1979)
Quicksilver added Ryu’s Three Days
Ravagestar updated Rushka
SteamyChowder added Graduation Prep
ThunderBrother added Falling Leaves Ch 2