Weekly Review (June 1st – June 7th)

Lots of writing updates and the like this week, with a few MGE items thrown into the mix.


Jitsu Wa… Chapter 80 is out


Several of KC’s ask.fm answers have been translated
Take what you read with a grain of salt as it’s not an official TL
OtherSideOfSky updated the Fallen Brides: Mimiru translation


AlpAnon updated Vertex – Chapter 10
Anxiety_Incarnate added Semi-Incubised Veteran Get’s Mistreated
AverageAnon added The Dark Lord Wants to Rule the World!
Buddy_Wazzizname added Paladin Kid
GWS added Fire and Brimstone
Harblador updated Crybaby Dragon (Line 546) & Loli-Oni (Line 876)
Hmonck added Mantis
Murchez added Bully the Yeti!
Nyanon updated Escape from Helheim (Line 323)
PantyQuest updated Panty Raid Guide (Hinezumi & Hobgoblin)
PRW updated Little Ushi
Quicksilver added Ropes and Cheese and updated Hummingbird-chan
Ravagestar updated Rushka (Line 432)
ThatBollocksWriter added Wight-Mom & Summer Dreams