Weekly Review (May 25th – May 31st)


Bird Café Chapter 4 is out
Killing Bites Chapter 8 is out
T-Rex na Kanojo Chapter 14 raws are out


The newest MGE girl is Cupid
Marilith Doujin was translated


Abaggijawah added All in Their EyesShort Distance Confusion: Chapter 1, & Sand, Surf, and Silence: Chapter 1
AlpAnon added Fall from Grace and updated The Valley of the Dragonette 3 (Line 82) &  Night Terrors (Line 329)
Dramanon added Gorgon’s Gaze
EmCol updated Alp Adventures Ch 12
Gelatin updated MGC Maid Central Butler Requests (Dark Slime)
Harblador added Wake up, Master! and updated Lich gets pregnant (Line 166)
Nyanon added Blind anon gets a guide puppy
Penywise added Lich and updated Ghoul (Line 1838)
Quicksilver added Hummingbird-chan &  Mega-Holst
Ravagestar updated Rushka
RSAnon added Reverse Gloryhole
Seafoam updated Sweet Nightmare
ThatBollocksWriter added A Mermaid In the Summer