Weekly Review (May 11th – May 17th)

A MonMusume anime update, a few doujin translations, and more this week.


Additional Monster Musume details are out
VA names for Suu, Rachnera, and Mero. Main 6 will sing the OP, MON Squad the ED.


OtherSideOfSky updated the Fallen Brides: Mimiru translation


Setouchi’s Arachne Doujin was scanned
SlapStickStrike’s Mimic Doujin was translated


Harblador updated Living Doll (Line 45), Bloodstained Maze (Line 85), & Komodo-oneechan (Line 246)
NegaWalker added Their First Session – Pt. 2 Preview
Nyanon updated Escape from Helheim (Line 237)
PantyQuest updated Panty Raid Guide (Hellhound)
Penywise updated Ghoul
Quicksilver updated Living Doll
Seafoam added Mother of Monsters Ch 3
SteamyChowder added Glen – The Desert Beat, MGK – Ophy and bad writing, & Shorties
ThatBollocksWriter added Bullying MG Guide: Alp
ThunderBrother added Aviators Epilogue (End)