Weekly Review (Apr 27th – May 3rd)

Between KC’s birthday and Butter-T we got a bunch of art this week.

Anime & Manga

Details about the MonMusume VA Webcast were tweeted
An anime visual of Miia cropped up in a recent Megami Magazine issue
Jitsu Wa… Chapter 78 is out
T-REX na Kanojo Chapter 13 raws are out

MGE & Art

Houri was translated
Butter-T drew Ilassa
Mari (#1, #2), Mithril.Less, VCR, and ZombieNeko drew stuff for KC’s Birthday.


Anonymoose added Chapter 86
Harblador updated Tales of TARABUL (Line 183)
Lanternon added Day 11: A Paladin is Ever Alone
Nyanon updated Escape from Helheim (Line 137)
Pantyquest updated Panty Raid Guide
Penywise updated Onryo
ThunderBrother added Aviators Ch 15