Weekly Review (Apr 20th – Apr 26th)

Cerea gets breast envy

New MGE girl, MonMusume Raws, and more cute dinosaurs this week.


Monster Musume Chapter 33 raws are out
T-Rex na Kanojo Chapter 3 was translated (Mediafire Link)
7Seas is asking for feedback about their 12Beast release


KC released a new MGE girl: Houri


Butter-T drew an Apsara


AlpAnon added The Valley of the Dragonette 3 and updated Sea Slime (Line 208) & Vertex – Chapter IX (Line 190)
AnonLich added Dragoon’s Handbook – Chapter 1
AnonMD added Houri Greentext
CantThinkOfOneSorry added Trappers
Harblador updated Crybaby Dragon (Line 453), Loli-Oni (Line 835), Komodo-Oneechan (Line 203), & Abomination (Line 131)
ILikeMuffins added The Teddy Program
PantyQuest updated MGC College Panty Raid Guide (Gnome – Line 1178)
Penywise updated Blood Cheese and Thunder (Line 87) & Ghoul (Line 994)
PRW added Little Ushi
Quicksilver added Shirohebi Scene – 3
ThatBollocksWriter added Kitsch
Trachyon added Snuggly Husky