Weekly Review (Apr 13th – Apr 19th)

Translations now!
Seems we’ve had a very productive week all around, with a variety of updates from a plethora of sources.


Jitsu Wa… details are out
Monster Musume details are out
TF says there will also be a webcast of sorts in May with the VAs


12Beast Volume 1 is out
Bird Café Chapter 3 is out
Jitsu Wa… Chapter 77 is out
T-Rex na Kanojo Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 have been translated
Chapter 12 raws are out as well

Doujin & MGE

OtherSideOfSky updated the Fallen Brides: Mimiru Translation
SlapStickStrike’s Mimic Doujin was scanned.


.Less drew two R63 Monstergirls from Magic the Gathering
Loen is semi-back from the dead


AlpAnon added Vertex – Chapter IX and updated Rhea and Willis 2 (Line 162) & Night Terrors (Line 304)
Anxiety_Incarnate added The Battle of the Bedroom
BobAnon added Laska Ch 12
GWS added Sisters of Divine Sands
Harblador added Living Doll and updated Lich gets pregnant (Line 127) & Tales of TARABUL (Line 144)
ILikeMuffins added How to Win a Knight’s Heart
Lanternon added Day 8
Niebelfader updated Dragon
Nyanon added Escape from Helheim
PantyQuest added Monster Girl City College Panty Raid Guide
Penywise updated Ghoul (Line 696)
PRW added Spaceworms – Chapter 2 – Spiceflows
ThatBollocksWriter added Troll & Bullying MG Guide: Cait Sith & Holstaur
Thunderbrother added Ghost Greentext
Trachyon added Talking Dirty with an Anubis