Weekly Review (Apr 6th – Apr 12th)

Slow-ish week. Clearly it’s due to all that lovely Spring weather.


Jitsu Wa… Chapter 76 is out


MGE’s Tentacle Forest TL was updated
The last four pages of the Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Doujin are out


.Less drew a Panda Girl
Okayado and Shake-O tweeted Hitomi-Sensei and Miia at each other


Alpanon added Rhea and Willis 2 and updated Night Terrors (Line 258) & Sea Slime (Line 175)
Anxiety_Incarnate updated Semi-Incubised Veteran
Gelatin updated MGC Maid Central Butler Requests (Quetzalcoatl)
Harblador updated Lich gets Pregnant (Line 78)
KitSoviet added Uncharted Island Ch 3 & Succubus CYOS
Liberty_Prime added Dinner’s Ready
Penywise updated Ghoul (Line 560)
PRW added Spaceworms – Side Story 1.2
Punaldin added No-Lifer
Quicksilver added Doll Scene – 1 & Doll Scene – 2
TheGunstar added Late Night Laciviousness
Anonymous added Meido Love