Weekly Review (Mar 9th – Mar 15th)

Hell of a week. Here’s to even better ones to come.


AnonBlack released a Puns, Wordplay, and Equivalence Translation guide
Centaur Worries Chapter 60 is out
Monster Musume is getting an anime in July
Jitsu Wa… Chapter 72 is out
T-Rex Girlfriend Chapter 10 is out


MGQ Beyond the End #8 was translated
MGQ: Paradox was released (Japanese Direct Link)


Neryumo and Magnifire delivered some Ushi Oni love.
An Anon from /tg/ drew some T-Rex Girlfriend art


Abaggijawah added S_____ & M_____ Night
AlpAnon updated Night Terrors (Line 219)
Bipolarized added Thugdere Oni
BobAnon added Anon and the Six Cheshires
Gelatin updated MGC Maid Central Maid Profiles & Butler Requests
IDoThisThing added Kiki Monologue
Liberty_Prime updated Cold November Night With Kate
MangoMachine added Warmth
McWorker added Ascendence & Bastet Greentext
Penywise updated Greyguard (Line 2182)
PRW updated Spaceworms – Chapter 1 (Line 237)
YBA updated Meat and Metal (Line 625)


And here’s a new poll for you all: