Updates for March 12th


And you thought it was his dick.

Super early post today because of the obvious reasons. It’ll update as the day passes, and I apologize in advance if you get spammed with notifications.


Monster Musume (Aka Everyday Life with Monstergirls) is getting an anime in July. Okayado tweeted about it, as did the new Official Anime Twitter. Check out their new website if you’re so inclined!

Now, I don’t think I need to go into details what this means. Between this and Jitsu Wa… the community will be changing. For better or for worse.

Okayado is asking for more character sheets.
The last time this happened he introduced several background characters and their favorite monstergirls at the end of Chapter 31. If you need an English version, click here. Getting it back into moonrunes and to Crabman is on you though.


Two new Ushi Oni images popped up today. The first is by Neryumo, the second by Magnifire.
Both artists are now listed on the Artwork page as well.


YBA updated Meat and Metal (Line 625)