Weekly Review (Mar 2nd – Mar 8th)


You should probably do what she says.



Dr. Hitomi’s Infirmary Chapter 18 is out
Everyday Monstergirls Volume 6 is out in English.
Everyday Monstergirls Chapter 30 is out.
Jitsu Wa…  Chapter 71 is out.


KC released a new MGE girl: Cait Sith.
It also comes with setting information about the “Kingdom of Cats” and what not.


AlpAnon updated Vertex – Ch 8 (Line 111) & Rhea and Willis (Line 168)
Gelatin added MGC Maid Central Butler Requests and updated Maid Profiles
Liberty_Prime added Cold November Night With Kate
Murchex updated Entangled (Line 45)
Nyanon added Yetinburg Ch.12 and Epilogue
PRW added Spaceworms – Introduction 1 – Part 3 & Spaceworms – Chapter 1
RSAnon added Marilith’s Mending Massage and Passion & Lust.
Seafoam added Mother of Monsters Chapter 02
SteamyChowder added Cookies and Family IssuesGlen – The Stinging, & Glen – Elsewhere
ThatBollocksWriter added Chameleonian Onee-san Greentexts: A Rope of Sand
ThunderBrother added Aviators Ch 13
WeaveWine updated Dragonfly Girl


I forgot to put this poll up last week.

Also if you are part of the 4chan crowd you may wish to update your filters. It’s been pretty bad as of late.