Weekly Review (Feb 16th – 22nd)

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Busy week on the Manga front. We also have a new MGE girl and a variety of Writing updates.


Bird Café Chapter 2 is out
Centaur Worries Chapters 58 and 59 are out.
Dr. Hitomi’s Infirmary Chapter 17 was translated.
Everyday Monstergirls Chapter 31 was live translated.
The Official EMG website featured 4komas and fanart from the community.
Jitsu Wa… Chapter 68 is out


A Wolf’s Job Ch 1 was translated.
The newest MGE girl is Apsara.


.Less drew some stuff
Luth drew a Tsundere Jabberwock with a Collar


AlpAnon added Rhea and Willis & Vertex – Chapter VIII, Getting Your Priorities Straight and updated Waters of Prosperity (Line 53)
Anonymoose added Ba’el
Fizzman added Bar Story
Gelatin updated MGC Maid Central Maid Profiles
Harblador added Tales of TARABUL and updated Abomination (series) (Line 47) & Loli-Oni (Series) (Line 765)
Lanternon added Day 1: A Paladin is a Sword
Penywise added Incubus and updated Rusalka Volume 2: Greyguard (Line 1810)
PRW added Spaceworms – Side Story 1.1 – Snakes Are Predators and updated Spaceworms – Introduction 1 – Part 2
ThatBollocksWriter updated Nightmares, Desires
ThunderBrother updated Aviators Ch 12 (Line 193)
Weavewine updated Dragonfly Girl (Line 571)
YBA updated Meat and Metal (Line 529)


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