Weekly Review (Feb 9th – 15th)

Hah ha! Alt Text is now a thing!
For our usual readers, you know the context of this image.


Jitsu wa… Chapter 65, Chapter 66, & Chapter 67 are out.
Futari wa Pretty Anon is looking for an additional typesetter.


.less drew some stuff


Aftyn added Griffon Maid pt.2
Alpanon added & updated Philosowurm
AverageAnon added I should be writing (Familiar Race for DND)
Bobanon hosted a Chimaera Flash Fiction contest
CaptainCanukiMerican added Man named Marcus: Husk
Gunstar added A World Adventure: –Black Magic Woman–
Harblador added A Thing in the Darkness (one-shot) and updated Crybaby Dragon (series) & Komodo-oneechan (series) (Line 145)
MindtheGap added Inquisition & Monstrous Endeavor
Murchez added Entangled
Penywise updated Rusalka Volume 2: Greyguard
PRW added Spaceworms – Introduction 1 and 2 & updated Alex and Eris
Seafoam added The Word IF
ThatBollocksWriter added Lick the Snake: Bacchus is a gentleman and a scholar
ThunderBrother added Aviators Ch 12 & a list of story ideas he may take up.
Waymaker updated Vampire NEET Thing


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